About Dek Noi Montessori

What is Dek Noi?

Dek Noi (เด็กน้อย) is Thai meaning, the small child. Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia where Pat, the teacher was born and raised.

Who is Pat?
Pat is a short name for Pattarawadee and she also has a Thai nickname that her family and friends in Thailand call her, “Thoy”. 
Pat is an AMI certified Montessori teacher, who graduated from Montessori Northwest, Portland Oregon. Pat loved and have so much passion for the infant and toddler ages group. Because of those that led her to study the principles and practice of the Montessori method for children from Birth to Three Years of Age. More Information About Pat.

So, What is Dek Noi Montessori?
Dek Noi is not a daycare. Dek Noi is an in-home Montessori classroom that has the 3 Maximum number of toddlers. Pat is a primary care, who has many years experience working with infants and toddlers at Montessori Schools and private families. 

What is your classroom size?
Normally the adult-to-child ratio is one to four. At Dek Noi Montessori classroom we only have 3 toddlers at the maximum. Pat wanted to make it special and have quality time with your child as much as possible. At the same time, your child will get plenty of opportunities to build his/her social skills with different ages of friends (14 months - 3 years). The older one will have the opportunity to build leadership skill and learn the compassion for the younger one. The younger one will eager to learn from the older one. It is such a wonderful environment to be and learn from.

What is Dek Noi Classroom look like?

 The environment and materials at Dek Noi classroom are prepared just for your child’s developmental needs. Because of the small group, the teacher is able to spend one on one time and observe closely of your child interest at the moment and able to offer exactly what your child needs. See photos of the classroom.

Does Dek Noi Montessori is a Home daycare certified?
Again, Dek Noi Montessori is not a daycare or in home daycare. The maximum number of 3 toddlers is not required to be licensing, but Pat follows the state regulations on safety, sanitation, space, education, and experience as a requirement from the state. Pat also ongoing education for 20 hours and more during a year. Pat studied the development of the child from birth - three year from Montessori Northwest in Portland, Oregon.

Dek Noi Montessori wants to make it convenient for parents as much as possible. We have flexible hours of classroom time for parents to choose. We also do before and after care for parents that might need those time. We accept 3 toddlers at maximum, which mean the environment will not be too overwhelming.  Good for hygiene and less worry about the germ time. There will be pictures sending out during the day for you!